These are all of the current and past mods I use in my Sims 2 play throughs! There may be mods from this list that I take out of my game from time to time, but all of these are mods I have played with extensively.
Feel free to choose what feels right for how you'd like to play.

Please see my gameplay section in the Sims 2 tab for information regarding my random roll client I use for story, drama, and making the game feel more realistic.​​​​​​​
A lot of my mods/content have been found from the sites below. Please check them out for additional content and information. 
Simlogical - Mods and Downlaods
Sims 2 Help Reddit Mod List - Amazing Mods/Fixes Resource
PleasantSims Mod List - Categorized Mod List and Downloads

Favorite/Essential Mods
ACR (Autonomous Casual Romance) - By far my most favorite Mod. Brings in autonomous romance and risky woohoo into the mix. If you'd like some drama and more sim led interactions I recommend!
Story Progression Mod - Brings in story progression like in the sims 3
Bat Box (FFS Lot Debugger) - The Bat Box provides a lot of various options from giving your pre-uni sims a degree, very useful debug tools, and the roll the pacifier option to prevent first born syndrome, among other options.
Same Sex Marriage - Brings in Same Sex Marriage (replaces joined union with actual marriage)
Monique’s Hacked Computer - Provides a lot of awesome interactions for your sims - they can get bank accounts, find jobs, purchase things, plus a lot more. It's like an actual computer :D
Sim Manipulator - I use this to make sims selectable, change their outfits, plan outfits, plus a lot of other things.
Crib Get Out - It allows toddlers to get out of their own cribs... YAY!
Monique’s Child Support - Allows children to recieve child support if their parents doesnt live on the lot with them. Very hepful for those romance sims out there spreading their seed. 
Social Welfare - Allows your unemployed and lower income sims to get welfare.
Baby to Toddler Aging Fix - Helps with the annoying issue with sims holding their toddlers indefinitely/the toddlers not aging up when they need to.
No Death Type Loss when Moving Tombstones - Fixes a bug that removes the data for death type when a tombstone is moved to a community lot. I like to use a community cemetery so this helps me a lot.
No Sim Loaded - Helps with game lag and issues.
Shadow Fix - Fixed the black shadows that can appear in some games.
Simply Leftovers - Makes it so you are able to pull individual servings out as leftovers! Yes!!
Become an Author Without a Computer - Exactly as the name suggests :) I like this for my creative sims that are lower income to have a path forward without a computer.
Community Time Project - Super helpful time mod that makes the time in community lots to reflect in the time spent when returning to your residential lot after being out. 
Monique’s Individual Aging - Makes it so that you can turn agging on and off for individual sims. 
Outdoor Lights All Night - Allows outdoor lights to remain on until 7:00 am
Watch TV from All Chairs - Makes it possible to watch TV from any chair as long as it is within 10 squares of the Television. I like this to help with routing issues during parties/crowded areas when a lot of people are gathering around TVs.
Baby Last Name Chooser - Makes it so you can choose your babies last name when they are born.
Marriage Last Name Chooser - When two sims get married you can choose which last name is taken.
Jordi’s Names - Overhauls the name list for spawned NPC's and Townies. I like it to add some new and more realistic names into the mix.
Last Name Copier - Makes it so you can copy last names between sims.
Baby Pet Creator - Allows you to create kittens and puppies that your sims can adopt.
Patterns for Puppies and Kittens - This mod shows the pstterns on your puppies and kittens that they will have when they grow. You'll actually be able to know what they will look like :) 
Freezer Clock - Allows you to freeze time!
Adopt Teen Gender Preference - This mod makes it possible to adopt teens, and you can chose the preference for skin tone of all adopted ages.
Baby Wants Fix - If you adopt a child it will fufill the want to have a baby.
Pregnancy Relationship Change - Makes it so that sims will realize that you are pregnant, and a sims may realize that the baby is not theirs if their logic skill is high enough.
Quiet Pregnancy - Removes the pregnancy chime after woohoo so you're surprised :) 
Auto Breakup & Engagements - Creates a chance for your sims to auto propose and auto break up if certain perimeters are met.
Call NPCs - This mod makes it possible to call NPCs.
NPC Aging - If an NPC is on your lot it will age them at 6:00pm, it doesn't age them if they are not on your lot.
No Humble - Gets rid of Rod Humble bringing your sims a new computer.
Multiple Pollination Technician Mod - Adds 4 new pollination technicians that are much prettier to mix up the alien DNA a bit :)
Seletable NPC - Makes it so you can chose from a list of available NPCs for jobs such as gardener, maid, nanny,...
Townie Body Diversity - Gives it a chance for townies to be fit or fat, everyone won't just be skinny now.
More CAS Items for Widescreens - Provides more rows in CAS for widescreens.
Don’t Walk Away While Cooking - Keeps your sims from walking away while they cook and causing catastrophe!
Mootilda’s Hood Checker - Makes it possible to check your game for corruption.
No Corrupt Death  - Helps with the corrupt death memory.
Select Your Cemetery - Awesome mod that allows sims that die on Apartment lots to be sent to the cemetary of your choosing.
No Unlink on Delete  - Helps with preventing sims fils from being shredded when deleting tombstones/causing corruption.
Accessible Toddler High Chairs - Allows you to access high chairs from the left and right making it smoother and easier to navigate in smaller spaces.

Other Mods
These mods are some I love but could be more suited for specific simmers.

Risky Woohoo  - If you use ACR you don't need this, but if not this is great for you!

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