Gameplay Description
In my game, I have taken inspiration from various other RP games, role players, and other creators' gameplay styles.
Nothing that I do is something no one else has not ever done, so I just want to clarify that I am in no way saying these ideas are solely mine. I just want to share my own specific style and mix of things many people have been doing for a long time :) 

You can pick, choose, and mix up gameplay rules and styles from whoever and however many playstyles you like. All that matters is that you are having fun and feeling inspired by your game!​​​​​​​
Gameplay Styles

Rotational Gameplay
Firstly I like the rotational gameplay that a lot of Sims 2 players enjoy.
Check out PleasantSims' site as it seems to be the best resource I can find for other people who are also interested in Rotational Sims gameplay so please check her site out for a super in-depth look at how she does things.
 I don't follow her style completely and you might like some aspects of that version more than mine :)

Reddit is also a good resource for tips and discussions surrounding different Rotational Gameplay modalities so feel free to search "Sims 2 Rotational Gameplay Reddit" or start a new thread with your questions in the Sims 2 subreddit.

Story Focused
I enjoy playing with story and drama as the main focus of my game.
You can accomplish this from various methods, but the main elements I like to focus on are:
Wants/Fears Focus
 Story Progression (this one I use 50% of the time as it can get a little out of hand for lets plays)
Mods for gameplay mechanics (ACR, etc)
My number one favorite method - Random Roll Focus. 

Random Roll Clients
I really enjoy using DDDice as it is super aesthetically pleasing and brings in that true RP feel when making roles like you would for D&D. 
For specific rolls that may need a non-traditional number set I also use RollaDice ​​​​​​​

If you play the Sims 2 with a focus on fulfilling your Sims' wants and avoiding your Sims' fears (or not, hehe) it opens up a wonderful array of story development that your Sims' actually develop themselves!

I play with the focus of achieving the wants of my Sims and really not doing too many major things that they may not actually want. If they want a new child then they will try for a baby, if they don't have that wish then we are not trying for a baby (but that's what risky woohoo is for ;) ) 

I like the authenticity your Sims' have when playing this way. It makes it so each playthrough will be different as you're not the one leading the charge on all the decisions based on what YOU want. 

If you'd like to add some extra story development into your hoods then incorporating story progression mods may be a great option for you. 
Things will develop and take place that you have no say or input in such as trying for babies, relationships starting/ending, etc) and this can be a lot of fun. This will DEFINITELY create some scenarios you may never have tried and makes each playthrough super different. 

Story Progression
I use random rolls whenever possible in my game to add even more random story development and dynamic events that spark a lot of fun and unique development. 
I go into specific scenarios where I use random rolls in my game later on this page. ​​​​​​​
More coming soon..
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