Here is a list of sites where I get a lot of my CC and downloads.
~ Please check out my Mods section in the Sims 2 for more mod specific information. ~​​​​​​​
Mod the Sims  - Amazing resource for Maxis Match CC
Simlogical - Mods and Downloads
Sims Cave - Wide range of CC 
Linacherie - CC and downloads
N99 Forum - Maxis Match CC and downloads
Sims 2 Default Database - Awesome default replacements, etc
Sims 2 Help Reddit Mod List - Amazing Mods/Fixes Resource
Maxis Match Repository , MisoMoso Sims , Lottie Sims , Keoni’s Tumblr , DeeDee-Sims , Rented Space’s Tumblr - Some favorite clothing and hair options 
Poppet’s Tumblr - Lots of CC of various types, nice hairs
Keoni’s Tumblr , Artemida on MTS , Lilith’s Tumblr , Pooklet’s Tumblr , Mikexx2 Tumblr , Peppermint and Ginger , - My favorite hair sites (+ poppet's above)
PleasantSims Mod List - Categorized Mod List and Awesome Downloads - Also PleasantSims has a great rotational gameplay Google sheet that you can download/make your own.
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